Must-Have Accessories for Gadgets in Car

If you’re one of the people who use their gadgets frequently, you’re probably familiar with the problem of not being able to place them anywhere in your car. Whether you need to quickly finish your project on the laptop, play a movie for your kids on the tablet, or use your phone for directions, we have perfect solutions for everything!

Car Laptop Holder

Instead of trying to fit your laptop on your lap, simply get this holder and attach it to the steering wheel. Now you have a perfectly comfortable surface to work and study at! This accessory is useful to not only hold your laptop, but for other purposes as well. For example, you can use it as a mini-table and have a lunch in the car on a busy day, or simply as a desk to write on.

Car Tablet Holder

If you’re off on a long ride with your kids or friends, you can set them a movie to watch on a tablet (perks of sitting on the backseat). But instead of getting tired from holding the tablet all the time, your companions can now enjoy watching anything from a good angle with the help of this tablet holder!

Magnetic Car Phone Holder

If you need to stay in touch but don’t want to break the rules of safe driving, you definitely need a phone holder. This one is perfect – it doesn’t take much space, doesn’t cover the windshield, but has a powerful grip and can be installed and taken off easily. With this accessory, you can check your notifications, answer phone calls, follow GPS directions and more!

* You can also equip your vehicle with a Car Wireless Charger Cup to keep your gadgets alive. It supports both types of charging and can be used with multiple devices at once.

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