How to Clean the Car Effectively

Carwash services cost a lot, but we all want to enjoy a ride in a clean and tidy car. If you’re reluctant to clean your auto yourself because you think it will take too much time and effort, we have some tips for you! By following this routine frequently, you will clean your car most effectively without spending too much time on it.

Step 1. Trash

No matter how tidy you try to be, there’s always some trash left in the car. Check the door and back seat pockets and take out everything that’s not supposed to be there. To shorten the time spent on this step, simply get a trash bin for your car.

Step 2. Dusting

To keep the air fresh and nice you need to get rid of the dust. You can do wet or dry dusting with any cloth or brush, but we recommend getting a special car washing glove: it’s easy to use and efficient in cleaning. Also, this air freshener will give a pleasant smell to your car!

Step 3. Vacuuming

After completing the dusting, you can go on to vacuuming. With a special compact car vacuum cleaner, you can reach any spot in the car – for example, under the seats or in the door pockets. Vacuum the seats first, then go on to foot mats and floors. You can also vacuum the trunk every once in a while. General vacuum cleaning should be done at least once a week.

Step 4. Exterior

Exterior is much dirtier, hence – more difficult to clean. To save time and not do everything manually, use this multi-purpose hose sprayer nozzle to hit off and clean even old dirt with high water pressure. For more difficult to clean spots, use drill scrubber brushes. With these two tools you should be able to clean the exterior in no time!

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