Easy Ways to Fix Three Types of Car Scratches

We all faced the problem of having our cars scratched on this or that place. It is frustrating, no doubt, but it’s not the reason to pay a fortune just to get it fixed. Instead of going to a car repair shop, you should try to fix the scratch yourself. Here are three ways on how to do it!


First, locate and inspect the scratch. There It might be outside on the paint or glass or inside on the leather seat covers. You need to make sure that the damage is not too big and it can be saved. Visible inspection is a good way to start (you can use these Waterproof LED Light Work Gloves for better inspection), but do it physically to – carefully touch the scratch to evaluate the size. If the scratch is too deep, refer to the professionals; in other cases – feel free to start fixing!

* Don’t forget to clear the area from the debris, then clean and dry it.


Now, use the instructions depending on the material type.


Paint scratches are fixed easily and cheaply. Take a regular toothpaste and put it on the wet microfiber towel. Then carefully rub the toothpaste into the scratch, let it dry and inspect the result. Repeat the process if needed; don’t forget to remove the excess paste from undamaged area.


This is a more difficult process, and it requires a special Glass Scratch Repair Liquid. Use the applicator to put the liquid onto the damaged area, slightly spread it. After that, over it with a curing film without leaving any air bubbles. Let it dry and enjoy the brand-new-looking glass!


Leather is not that tricky in repairing either. Take a Leather Repair Gel of appropriate color and apply it directly onto the scratch/rip. Spread it evenly on the surface, and again – let it dry!

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